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The Atlas Assurance

We strive to save our clients time and provide them with a quick resolution to owning an unwanted property, no matter the condition or circumstances. 

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A Fast Fair Price

We offer a fast and fair price for every home we evaluate. We strive to give the best deal to our clients, getting them most money, as quick and easy as possible!

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Sell Your Home As Is

No need to worry about any form of repairs or cleaning. We truly buy homes as they come, don't have to worry about a thing! You can sell your house now, without any cost or work!

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Quick and Easy Closing

Our timeline is as quick as 14 days from your evaluation to money in your hand. We value your time and want to ensure you avoid any more costs from your property. 

Movers Moving A House Quickly

Move Quickly

Whether it's for family reasons, work, or another opportunity, you don’t have to let the MLS dictate when you can move on with your life, and sell on your own terms!

Vacant Home That Has An Overgrown Lawn And Needs To Be Sold Quickly

Vacant Home

Have a property that you has been vacant for a while and don't know what to do with it? No matter the condition, we will help you turn that unwanted property into cash!

Couple That Has Their House Foreclosed On

Avoid Foreclosure

Unable to make your house payments? We can make sure that your house sells and you have cash in hand before your next payment to help you avoid foreclosure.

Couple In Financial Distress Because of Bills, Fines and Taxes

Financial Distress

Need to sell your house fast for cash to help with financial distress and unwanted payments? We can help turn your stress into cash in just a few short weeks!

Couple Standing In Water Wondering How To Sell Their House As Is

Sell As Is

Instead of investing even more time and money into a house you're already going to sell, we will buy your house in its current condition, no renovations needed!  

Divorced Couple Selling Their House Fast for a Fair Price


During an already stressful time, a fast sale will make the situation more manageable. We strive to help all of our client's as best as we can, no matter the situation.

Man Signing A Release for An Inherited Property He Does Not Want To Keep

Inherited Property

We work with many people who find themselves responsible for a property they can't keep. We can help you sell quick, without any hassle and for a fair price!

Problematic Rental That You Are Tired of Taking Care Of

Problematic Rental

Tired of being a landlord and dealing with problematic tenants? We will buy your rental as soon as the tenants move out and in whatever condition they leave it in!

Why Work with Atlas?

Everyone's situation is different and we encourage you to evaluate all of your options! Here are some situations we help our clients with the most...

Our Process

At Atlas, our process is as easy as 1,2,3! We value our client's time and work fast, efficiently, and transparently to quickly buy your property!

Person Requesting A Fast and Fair Offer On Their House

1. Request an Offer

Once you give us your information and request an offer, you will get a cash offer within 24 hours of our evaluation! This is the beginning of our process.

Completing An Inspection To Recieve A Fair Cash Offer On Your House

2. Set An Inspection

After you receive your offer you can connect with us to discuss the options of your offer in detail. We make sure our clients always know all of their options!

A Happy Couple with A Lot Of Money Because They Sold Their House to Atlas

3. Close On Your Property

Assuming you accept your cash offer from Atlas, we are able to close within 2 weeks and get your cash in your hands fast and without fees, removing your stress quickly!

Our Reputation

Hear what some of our previous clients have to say about working with Atlas Property Investors! We pride ourselves on our reputation. 

532 Oak Ridge Way, Pearl, MS 39208

"Everything went well, everything went great. It was an easy process. I would like to see the house after renovations are done."

Derrick E. 

The Atlas Advantage

Working with Atlas has 3 main advantages: saving time, money and stress! We never ask a client to pay for any part of the closing process, we handle everything.

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